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Posted Tue, 12/18/2012 - 00:00

Minky Homecare is a trading name of Vale Mill (Rochdale) Limited, a family owned and run business with a head office in Rochdale, Lancashire.

The company has five distribution, manufacturing and storage centres in the North West, with 80% of its household cleaning and laundry product ranges manufactured in Britain.

Tony Close, head of supply chain and logistics, turned to CESAB dealership Rack-N-Stak when he faced the challenge of handling some new, heavy, bespoke display boxes. Vale Mill’s existing range of pallet trucks was proving inefficient at handling the individual 70kg boxed load.<

Tony Close: “We needed to move these display boxes, which held outdoor airers for a major supermarket customer, quickly and carefully. Operators were struggling with pallet trucks and standard counterbalanced forklifts, finding it hard to avoid damaging the product.

“The prospect of introducing larger materials handling equipment into our distribution centre was worrying, as internal spaces are restricted, with low ceilings in some areas. Any new equipment would have to be compact and manoeuvrable if it was going to work effectively, as well as being versatile enough to be switched to any application within our operations.”

After reviewing Vale Mill’s needs and inspecting every area the equipment would be used in, Rack-N-Stak suggested CESAB Drago forklifts, fitted with a clamp application. The two blades of the clamp could hold the container without causing any damage to the load.

Tony Close: “We started off with one CESAB truck and this proved to be unbelievably successful so we bought another from Rack-N-Stak. Loads were unpacked in half the time of previously. Productivity was more than doubled and any health and safety issues and damage to packaging associated with previous equipment were completely reduced.

“Switching between the traditional forks and the clamp is a quick and easy process, so uptime is maximised and the trucks move between applications with minimum disruption.”

The CESAB trucks also handle Minky ironing board products on bespoke stillages, a type of heavy metal rack that does not conform to a traditional specification. CESAB forklifts handle internal movements of bulk quantities of the product on these stillages, ensuring they are carried smoothly with minimum stress or difficulty for operators.

Tony Close: “We are delighted with the transformation achieved by CESAB forklifts. The drivers’ working lives have been made easier and we’ve seen clear productivity and safety benefits across our operation.

“Rack-N-Stak have proved their expertise when it comes to resolving materials handling challenges. Their product knowledge and the service they provide on an on- going basis has had a significant impact on our productivity and has shown us that working with a local dealer who knows what they are doing, is worth its weight in gold.” 

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