Envira benefits from improved visibility & reliability

Posted Mon, 11/29/2010 - 08:00

CESAB forklifts are proving a durable, reliable and ergonomic answer to the demanding work environment of Envira Waste Recycling.

Envira Waste Recycling provides waste recycling services to some of the UK’s best known food, retail and hotel chains, now has two CESAB M325 counterbalanced forklifts helping to move 30,000 tonnes of waste plastic, cardboard and paper around its site each year.

EnviraRegional CESAB dealer Hitec Lift Trucks recommended the trucks for their high durability and strong ergonomics, both key requirements for materials handling equipment on site, where constant performance and driver comfort are critical to productive operations.

Forklifts transport waste bundles around the yard, day in, day out, loading goods on and off lorries and sea containers. Working constantly from 6am to 4pm, materials handling equipment has to be reliable, as deliveries and collections must be continually met.

According to Envira’s Managing Director Craig Pates: “We have found the CESAB M325 highly reliable and easy to use and great visibility through the masts means that our operators can see everything they are doing, whether loading, stacking or reversing.”

As with the rest of the CESAB M300 range, the M325 is manufactured using the Toyota Production System, certified to ISO 14001 and widely regarded as one of the world’s best manufacturing systems.

The build quality of the CESAB M325 includes rigid steel side panels and strong bodywork that protect the operator and truck over its entire working life.

Fitted with reliable Toyota engines with smooth power transition and clean burn efficiency, the CESAB M325 delivers consistent high performance responsibly. The smooth transition of power from engine to wheels comes courtesy of a torque convertor transmission, a feature that ensures more speed and better performance over long distances. To ensure they keep working through even the most arduous of schedules, engines are fitted with a high speed rotation fan to increase air flow and hydraulic oil cooler.

Ergonomics are central to the CESAB M325 design, enabling operators to make the most of the working day, while reducing fatigue and physical strain. Easy access is provided by a low height and wide step and once aboard, there is plenty of room to operate. A cushioned seat with lumbar support offers excellent comfort for operators of all sizes.

The Cesab forklifts at Envira have been fitted with an optional extension to the underside enclosure, which ensures that recycling debris cannot be drawn up into the engine bay. The enclosure enables air to flow up to cool the engine and radiator, without any debris causing damage.

Hitec director Prospero Girardi: “The CESAB M325 is the ideal machine for the waste recycling industry, where durability, reliability and visibility are critical to operations. By making the operators’ lives easier, the trucks make businesses more productive and profitable.”


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